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Internet safety made simple

Using advanced artificial intelligence, Lenovo NetFilter can help keep schools and students safer. By providing real-time analysis of online content coupled with a quick mass deployment and customizable reports, Lenovo NetFilter supports schools and districts in meeting their safety goals.

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Dynamically categorize unknown domains and keep the internet filter current.

Customized filtering

Block access for specific groups or users based on lists of URLs, keywords, file types, and apps.


Compliant with data privacy and other regulations required by CIPA, COPPA, the IWF, Friendly Wi-Fi, and others.

Easy mass deployment

Manage one or multiple schools through a single dashboard.

Built-in reporting

Documentation is easy with customizable logging, reporting, and analytics.

Protect mixed environments

Compatible with Mac, Windows, and Chromebooks on the school network or remotely.

Threat detection

Protect school networks against other digital dangers, including malware, phishing, and viruses.

Multilingual support

Multilingual support with categorization in over 40 languages. Additionally, the interface can be set to over 7 languages.

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