Lenovo NetFilter – AI Web Filter & Cloud Digital Safety Solution

Keeping students safer while they learn online is a big task and one that most school IT teams cannot handle alone. Having powerful AI-driven safety solutions in place not only reduces the daily burden of updates, management, and reporting, it also makes a school’s safety program much more successful. 

Lenovo NetFilter is a web filter and safety solution that goes beyond standard content filtering to help keep students and school networks safer. It employs artificial intelligence to deliver proactive web filtering security, rather than requiring users to manually upload blocklists. And where manual control is desired, IT teams can set highly granular, policy-based control over websites, such as social media platforms, and can even set different rules for staff and students. Additionally, this cloud-based solution not only keeps devices safer when connected to external networks but also allows the latest updates to be delivered without manual intervention.  

In recent years, more websites have begun using SSL encryption (designated as “https” in the URL) to keep users safer. But one downside of SSL encryption is that it can hide malware from filtering solutions that aren’t capable of decrypting SSL traffic. Other times, filtering solutions are able to decrypt and scan SSL traffic, however doing so significantly slows down the user’s ability to access these websites. To help, Lenovo NetFilter has been equipped to handle SSL traffic in a way that’s invisible to users — decrypting it to ensure nothing malicious sneaks through and doing so at very high speeds so the user experience isn’t compromised.  

Of course, schools should look out for more than just malicious web traffic and inappropriate content. Lenovo NetFilter+ provides keyword alerts so schools can monitor students’ online behavior in real time to uncover threats and prevent bullying, self-harm, and other dangerous behaviors.  

Lenovo NetFilter is part of Lenovo Education’s ecosystem of solutions for the modern learning environment. As schools continue their journey of digital transformation, Lenovo can play a big role in helping IT teams make budget-friendly, student-centric tech decisions that will set schools up for long-term success. Download our ebook on digital transformation to learn more. 


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