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How AI has already reshaped digital learning behind the scenes 


Popular user-facing AI engines like ChatGPT may continue to shake up traditional approaches to education in the coming years. However, other forms of cloud-based AI have already been working behind the scenes.

Five tips for productive student conversations about life online 


Helping students make good choices online is part of the job for many teachers, now that digital devices are a core component of the classroom. Here are five tips for having productive conversations about online life.

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How edtech can help encourage diversity and inclusivity 


With the proliferation of 1:1 devices in schools, students now have access to an unlimited range of diverse perspectives through the internet — but they may still need guidance. Fortunately, teachers have the benefit of a wide range of resources and technologies to support diversity and inclusivity in their daily lessons and discussions.  

How to transition to a new school web filter 


Considering upgrading a free or under-performing web filter for a more robust, AI-driven, cloud-based filter? Here are a few tips for a successful transition. 

How digital monitoring can help ELL students with mental health challenges 


ELLs will continue to communicate in their native language. If a school’s digital monitoring tools are not able to analyze non-English words or phrases, this leaves them unable to recognize digital dangers.

Four ways digital monitoring facilitates student learning


Today’s educators perform a difficult balancing act — enabling student exploration, but in a safe and guided way. Digital monitoring tools can help schools enable the ideal balance for safe, guided learning.

How schools can stop eight types of cyberbullying 


Cyberbullying can be pervasive and destructive for students. So for schools to identify bullying, it’s important to have the right technology and policies in place. The first step is understanding what to look for.

Lenovo NetFilter – AI Web Filter & Cloud Digital Safety Solution


Keeping students safer while they learn online is a big task and one that most school IT teams cannot handle alone. Having powerful AI-driven safety solutions in place makes a school’s safety program much more successful. 

Five ways to help students #BeCyberSmart in schools   


October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month, recognizing the importance of protecting data and technology from online threats. Here’s how you can promote cyber awareness in your school or district.

Cybersecurity vs. cyber intelligence in schools: What’s the difference? 


Today’s K-12 schools are faced with an ever-changing cyber threat landscape. This blog addresses the importance of cyber intelligence in addition to cybersecurity.

Five pitfalls of free web filters


Not only do web filters help schools limit access to inappropriate content, but they are also a requirement for schools to receive federal e-Rate funding. However, web filters vary widely when it comes to their feature set and pricing. Here are a few pitfalls of free web filters.

Supporting digital citizenship through content filtering


Students need to know the rules of engagement for healthy digital interactions. One way for students to develop this proficiency is to practice using technology with guidance and guardrails in place. Web filters can help provide this structure. 

Five common web filtering questions answered


With device use in schools becoming more common, the use of web filtering is growing in popularity as a means to keep students safe online. But not all web filters share the same features and functionality — or the same efficacy rates.

Building a classroom against cyberbullying  


With the increase in device usage, there are more opportunities for bullying to take place online. Educators can work toward building an environment safe from cyberbullying with a combination of digital tools and teaching strategies.

Keeping students safe in an increasingly digital world


When selecting school safety solutions, IT professionals should consider the following six factors to assess digital safety and web filtering solutions.

Five reasons Lenovo NetFilter is great for schools 


With all of these threats looming, school IT administrators need web filtering tools that can keep up with the pace of cyber threats, including concerning student behavior. Here are some reasons why the new Lenovo NetFilter is a great choice for schools.

10 ways K-12 administrators, IT teams, and teachers can support internet safety


Creating safer internet in school is not only about using security software. Teaching students how to practice good digital citizenship and online safety skills is also key.

Commitment to safer digital learning with Lenovo and LanSchool

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Smarter digital safety for all with Lenovo NetFilter

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To support schools in better securing their students, Lenovo is introducing its new content filtering and online safety solution, Lenovo NetFilter.

How digital safety supports student mental health


Digital safety has become a vital part of school mental health support systems. Here are the components of a comprehensive mental health program.

Why digital equity is more than solving access issues

White Paper

Learn about digital inequity, how it contributes to obstacles in the classroom, and what educators can do to help support 21st-century classrooms.

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